How to Set Up Microsoft Authenticator for MFA

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Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on Your Phone

  • On your phone, visit this web page to download the Microsoft Authenticator app, or follow these QR


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Sign In to myCampus With Your Password


  • Enter your Fleming email address and then select "Next."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Enter your Fleming username and password and then select "Sign in."

    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Set Up Microsoft Authenticator as a Sign-In Method

  • Select "Next."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Because you have already installed the app during step one, you may select "Next."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Select "ADD ACOUNT" or the plus symbol.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Select "Work or school account."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Select "Scan a QR code" and prepare to point your phone at a QR code on your computer's monitor.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • On your computer, select "Next" to create your personal QR code.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • With your phone, scan your personal QR code, which you just created on your computer, and then select "Next" on your computer. (The QR code below is only an example; do not scan it.)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Read the two-digit number (this will be a different number every time) on your computer and expect a notification on your phone.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • On your phone, enter the two-digit number and then select "YES."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Approve the sign-in by signing in to your phone with your phone credentials.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • On your computer, confirm that your approval was given successfully and then select "Next."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Select "Done."Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Visit Your Security Info Page


  • Consider adding another sign-in method so that you have at least two methods available.
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