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I forgot my password and need to reset it.

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All Users

Getting Started

Self-Service Reset Using MFA:

If you have successfully registered for MFA you can reset your own Fleming password.

Follow these instructions on How to Reset My Password with MFA.pdf

The website to get started is: 

IT Service Desk Assistance:

If you are unable to reset your own password using your MFA factor, create a ticket for IT Service Desk assistance by clicking [ Can't Login ] and completing the form. You will need to provide some personal information so that we can validate your identity.

Can't Login

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Frequently changing your password is a strong tactic to help stay safe online. We recommend using unique and strong passwords in order to help keep your account secure. If you know your current Fleming college password, you can follow the guide below to change your password.
Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) by setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app as a sign-in method to access your Fleming account.


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