Services related to your identity, single sign-on (SSO) login account, password/MFA assistance, and access privileges.

Services (8)

Access Request

An existing user requires access to additional IT resources.

Account Secure

Immediate or scheduled removal of a user's access to their Fleming account.

Can't Login

HELP! I am unable to login to my Fleming account. To get you back into your account we need some personal information to validate your identity.

Fleming SSO Network Account

Every individual who is authorized to use Fleming's IT resources is assigned a single sign-on (SSO) network account. Student accounts are automatically created upon enrolment and staff accounts upon hire.

MFA - Request a Physical Device

I require a physical MFA device, such as a Yubikey or 6-digit OTP fob.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA provides additional security protection for your Fleming account. This service page provide introductory information and how to enroll and activate the service for your Fleming SSO Network Account.

New Guest or Third-party Account

Guest and third-party accounts are used to provide individuals who are neither students nor staff with term-based access to IT resources.

Password Reset

I forgot my password and need to reset it.